August 14, 2011

eyp españa -day eight

THE LAST DAY  After an amazing week with the kindest people I know, the burden feeling of the last day was all around us. We wanted to make the most of it of course, but I couldn't help myself to cry, and I wasn't the only one. After the GA, the ending ceremony started where speeches were made and believe me, they weren't very happy. It was okay until everyone gathered in a circle and the song "Imagine" started. It's a tradition that at the end of each EYP, people sing along this song. But this was my first that I cried.

After the GA finished, we went to our accommodations and packed our stuff. After that, we went to the "Farewell Party" which took place at a cute bar. Everyone danced for the final time and of course, I cried again. It was really hard to face the fact that I won't be able to see my friends again. Near the end, I slept at the couch because I was too tired...

I really miss one and each and I hope they are okay now. I also hope that they will have an amazing life!

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