August 14, 2011

eyp españa -day seven

GENERAL ASSEMBLY  It was time for the committees to take the stage and talk about their resolutions that they've been working for the last couple of days. It was full of frustration indeed but it was also amazing to work as a committee and get the chance to defend your ideas. Our resolution didn't pass unfortunately, but it didn't mean that we failed. It actually ment the opposite, we won as a committee because even our resolution failed, we still kept our smiling faces and our spirit at the maximum level.

After the GA, we went to a restaurant to eat our lunch and took a photo just for the "ass-hole chair" Andris, the one that I mentioned in my previous post. Here is the photo, my face says it all.

After the lunch, we went back to the building where the GA took place and after 3 more committees, the GA was done and we went to another building where the Euroconcert took place. So many talented people performed their talents with singing or dancing, it was truly amazing.

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