August 13, 2011

eyp españa -day five

LAST DAY OF COMMITTEE WORK  We finished our resolution and typed it. Then a chair from another committee came to our room to look at our resolution and make suggestion. He said it sucked, literally. And he was right. We wrote our solutions only from our perspectives but the point was to put ourselves in their shoes and think why they didn't want to fit in society. We then made our changes and did the final touch. Our motivation was really down that day thanks to Andris, the "ass-hole" chair. Sorry for my bad vocabulary, but I can't describe him in different words.

After our committee work, we hit to the pool and relaxed for an hour. At the end of the day, we had another party that had a theme of Cowboys and Indians. Because I didn't have a costume like the majority had, I showed up with a regular shirt. We danced non-stop for 4 hours and I was dying at the end, it was worth it all anyway.

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