August 14, 2011

libe 1 -the best committee ever

From left to right: Daorsa Teslica (Belgium), David Teruel Cano (Spain), Jannik Reinders (Germany), Dragoş Badau (Romania), Carolina Comis (Italy), Eda Güler (Turkey), Iwana Mietus (Netherlands), Triantafyllos Kouloufakos (aka. Phill) (Greece), Francisco Tho Monteiro (Portugal), Christopher Lösbrock (Germany).

AMAZING, MAGICAL AND FUN  I can't even begin describing how much I love Libe I. Not only because I can't find any word to describe how I feel but also because of so many other reasons. For once, I felt like I belonged to a group, I'm always shy and quiet but this time was a bit different. I talked every second and enjoyed my time there. We were truly connected and our friendship is beyond the session. It still continues and will continue no matter how many years will pass. Anyways, I'll just shut up and let the photos do the talking for me.

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