June 17, 2012

day 2

Wearing: Black Dress, Nastygal / Brown Belt, Koton / Heels, My mom's.

Day two was way better than yesterday since I was less exhausted and ready to enjoy the weather. Instead of getting into the sea, I prefered enjoying the pool instead since the sea was really cold. Anyways, the weather keeps getting hotter and hotter and I avoided the sun all day long. On contrary, as the sun went down, the wind started to blow which was good for me though it wasn't so good for our little photoshoot that we did with my bro.
And last but never the least, the internet drives me crazy here, but I managed to upload the photos on my blog anyway, I hope the connection will get better tomorrow. Hope you had an amazing Sunday as much as I did.

İkinci günüm, dünden çok daha iyiydi çünkü hem dünkü kadar yorgun hissetmiyordum hem de havanın tadını çıkartmaya hazırdım. Denize girmektense, havuzu tercih ettim çünkü deniz gerçekten soğuktu. Neyse, hava git gide ısınıyor ve ben bütün gün güneşten kaçtım. Bunlara zıt olarak, güneş battıkça rüzgar yüzünü göstermeye başladı. Her ne kadar bu benim için daha güzel bir şey olsa da, kardeşimle yaptığımız mini çekimimiz için o kadar da hoş değildi.
Son olarak, buradaki internet beni delirtiyor ama bu fotoğrafları yükleyebildim, umarım bağlantı bundan sonra iyi olur. Umarım en az benim kadar güzel bir Pazar geçirmişsinizdir. 


  1. Great look! enjoy your holiday!

  2. Hey Eda, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog<3
    I love your fun and flirty dress, I'd wear it anytime! Hey I have a suggestion: you should definitely do a post about your hair. You could show some hairstyles and tell something about products that you use because the hair of yours is just stunning! It has plenty of volume, beautiful curls and the color is very unique. Just wondering how could I have such a color ;)
    Have a great day<3

    xoxo Eeva

    1. Eeva, thank you so so much, your comments always make me the happiest person alive. :)
      As for your suggestion, I'm not really sure of doing a tutorial about my hair since I just wash it and then use a mousse to add a bit of volume, and I rinse it with my towel. That's it, I don't use a blow dry but leave it to dry on its own. And for the color, it's my natural hair color, it gets lighter in summer though, but thanks anyway! :)

  3. With blogs like this around I don't even need website anymore.

    I can just visit here and see all the latest happenings in the world.

    1. :) I'm glad you'd think that, but it's just my world so if it interests you, I'd be happy!


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