July 5, 2012

p-p-p party every day

My fifth day here and my happiness increases each day. Today, I worked on a restaurant called Phaeselise and even though it was a bit trying, I was very glad at the end of the day that I met such a bunch of amazing people. They were very funny and helpful.

Buradaki beşinci günüm ve hergün daha da mutlu oluyorum. Bugün, Phasealise adındaki restorantta çalıştım ve her ne kadar yorucu bir gün olsa da, bu kadar güzel insanla tanıştığım içinçok mutluyum. Hepsi çok komik ve yardımseverdi.

Elvan - Dorina - Verda - Me

 Me - Doruk
Dorina - Altuğ - Me - Doruk

And that'll be it, see y'all.

Bugünlük bu kadari görüşürüz.


  1. You've posted such nice posts while I've been aboard so I cannot decide which one should I write my comments to!:D You guys look so happy spending time together and the surroundings look great too! And I know, this is not the Jessie J post but I need to say that I'm so jealous to you! I'd loooove to see her performing live :) Have lots of fun in Antalya Eda<3 (I hope I remembered the place correctly haha)

    xoxo Eeva

  2. Hey Eva! Thank you for another of your lovely comments :) yes, im having a great time here with my friends, hope youre good aswell :)
    Also, dont be jealous about Jessie J concert, im sure she will come somewhere near your hometown aswell, you should definietly watch her live :)

  3. It seems like I need to comment again to the same post haha! :D I nominated you for the Liebster award because I find your blog very inspiring and beautiful! You can check it out in my blog now, I tagged you there :)

    xoxo Eeva


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