January 23, 2013

Security & Defence

After four days of hard work and being surrounded by friendly people, I'm back to my old, monotone life. The conference was a boost for me and an escape from my studies, I really needed a break. Speaking of a break, tomorrow is the last day of my first semester and I'm ecstatic! Unfortunately, I can't take a deep breath and relax as I wish since my Dershane will go on full speed, in fact, during my 14 days of semester, I'll only have 5 days for myself. I'm planning to go to my dad's and just relax there, maybe not think about tests and school work and such? Did you guys know that Turkish curriculum has the hardest Maths and Geometry courses of all others, we're seeing stupid topics in highschool that we should be seeing in college. I hate the curriculum sometimes, I really really do, but luckily I just have to work for a couple of more months and then, I'll be studying psychology as I always dreamt of!

Below, you can see some photos that were taken during the conference, I promise there are more to come, I'm waiting for the journos to upload them on Facebook. Oh, and this time, I was a chair on the committee of Security and Defence and our topic was the Relationship Between the Syrian Refugees and the Turkish Government. Until the next time, have a great one y'all!


  1. Break does good for you! :) My last day of normal High School today though tomorrow I'm having some weird exam thingy but after that I will have a long long break and I love it! (Even though I have to study the whole time ..:D) Do you know where will you apply for the collage? What are you interested in? :)

    1. Wooow you're VERY lucky that you're done with your highschool! I hope you'll do great in your exam :) As for your question, I first have to apply to a collage here in Istanbul in Psychology according to my exam grades that I'll take in March and June, and after that, hopefully, I'll be able to travel to Europe and study there for a semester or two. I really don't know what I'll do, I'm just trying to do my best for the BIG exam. :)


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