February 3, 2013

Instaweek #1

Since I don't have anything interesting to share with you guys, I decided to show you what my week was about. I feel like such a koala lately, all I do is sit at home, play some Chefville on Facebook while listening to my favourite artists and just read a couple of pages. I started reading the Game of Thrones, and I love it already. My actual break starts tomorrow, and it will last until Friday. I know it's hardly a break but well, I can't really complain...

The Lovely Sabrina tagged me on her latest post which was about a challenge, but I'll save the answers for my next post. I get super ecstatic whenever someone tags me in one of these, I believe it's super fun to answer the questions and I want to hug the person who tagged me immediately. And those of you who want to follow me on Instagram, it's @eda_guler. Have a wonderful week you guys!

  1. Posing for the Year Book.
  2. I take too many photos with straight hair.
  3. My friend told me that I look like an Emo, do I?
  4. Beautiful sunset.
  5. My bestie and I at the Amusement park.
  6. Alihan trying to play the piano (he fails).
  7. The same as 2.
  8. My interview with Lush-Lust-Love. You can get the whole interview by simply clicking here!
  9. Boyfriend being cute.
  10. The result of the shooting, I'll give this photo to the Year Book.


  1. I'm glad you like the challenge! :D I'm looking forward to seeing that post :)

    1. Hihi, thanks once again Sabina <3 :)

  2. Wow congress for graduation...
    And you look so beautiful :)

    1. I haven't graduated yet, it's not until the end of June, but thank you so much! <3

  3. nice pics! love all of them :)

    New post on

  4. Great shots, thanks for the visit !

  5. This is a very nice compilation! I just posted mine too :)

  6. i love instagram photos <3


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