June 28, 2013


Here are the photos from my Graduation Ceremony. I won't say much, but rather let the photos speak for themselves. In two days, I'll have my Graduation Prom and then it'll be it, my highschool chapter will be over. Still, I'm looking forward for the summer to finally begin since I'm sure that I'll have a great time with my friends. Now I gotta go and make myself a tea, I caught a cold as soon as the summer started, how funny is that? 
Mezuniyet Töreni'mdeki fotoğraflarla karşınızdayım. Çok fazla şey söylemeyeceğim, fotoğraflar zaten yeterince şey söylüyor. İki güne, Mezuniyet Balom var ve ondan sonra lise maceram sona erecek. Genede, yazın gerçekten başlamasını dört gözle bekliyorum çünkü eminim ki arkadaşlarımla çıkacağım tatilde çok eğleneceğim. Şimdi gidip kendime çay yapmalıyım, yaz başlar başlamaz hasta oldum, ne kadar komik değil mi?

 Lina - Me - Verda - Dorina 

The Güler family minus one.
Bir kişi eksiğiyle Güler ailesi.

Edith - Lina - Irmak - Me - Verda - Elvan


Deniz & Altuğ

My mom ♡ I know she has an expression as she wants to go as soon as possible...
Annot ♡ Biliyorum en kısa zamanda gitmek istermiş gibi bir surat ifadesi var...

Le bro 

With Ata


  1. Pretty!

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  2. Your mom looks like your sister, she is so young and beautiful:) wonderful pictures and all those people and memories are really unforgetable! Nice post, well done!
    Have a great time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

    1. :) You can't even imagine how happy my mom got when I told her about your comment. Thank you so much! :) Have a great day!

    2. I'm really glad to hear that, but I'm sure she realizes how good-looking she is! Both of you are really beautiful and don't think that I'm using flattery, that's true!:)

    3. Thank you so much for being this kind, you're the loveliest. :)

  3. Very nice. Congrats. Yes, you did it. Love the electric blue color of your dress. Great choice and you looked amazing. Your friends look great too. Proud parents. Very nice. Prom...we have to see the dress. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy!

    1. :) Thank you for always writing the nicest comments! My prom is tomorrow and you can be sure that I'll get back to my blog with lots of photos. Have a great one!

  4. I love your blog :))

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  5. I can see just how happy you are in all those photos. Congrats on your graduation! :D

  6. Aaaaaw congratulations :)) You made it! You look great here, not too much just perfect ;) feel so bad for being away for soo long but I hope you understand exam time -stress time :D But we made it, its over finally, and summer relax can begin :) Hope you have an amazing summer beautiful lovely Eda ;) :**


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