March 19, 2014

You'll Always Be a Mystery

The weather was so beautiful today, and I dressed like this for school. I just feel very awkward when I wear a skirt outdoor but that's just an insecurity I have to work through. Other than that, everything is going pretty well, my midterms are approaching and I need to start working on my project for English: I'll be examining the different gender roles in regular families and households with divorced parents, it's a really interesting topic for me since I'm surrounded with families with divorced parents, where mines are separated and it would be very interesting for me to see both stories. I'm also going to be a Vice President of an EYP Conference that will take place in about a month, so I'm really looking forward to it.
The beautiful feathered iPhone case you see in my photos are from Iconemesis and they offer a whole loads of great cases. Check their site! Have a great one folks!

Hava bugün çok güzeldi ve okula bu kıyafetle gitmeye karar verdim. Dışarda etek giydiğim zamanlar kendimi çok garip hissediyorum ve bu aşmam gereken bir özgüvensizlik. Bunun dışında, her şey çok güzel gidiyor, midterm sınavlarım yaklaşıyor ve İngilizce projem için araştırmalara başlamam gerek: Boşanmış aileler ve evli çiftlerdeki cinsiyet rollerini araştıracağım ve bu proje gerçekten çok ilgili olduğum bir konu çünkü çevremdeki çoğu aile boşanmış ebeveynlere sahip, benimkiler de ayrı yaşıyor, ve gerçekten her iki durumu da gözlemeyi çok istiyorum. Aynı zamanda bir ay sonra olacak bir EYP Konferansında Konferans Başkan Yardımcısı olacağım, bunun için de oldukça heyecanlıyım.
Fotoğraflarda gördüğünüz o güzel iPhone kabı, Iconemesis sitesinden ve daha bir sürü süper kapları var. Sitelerine bir göz atın! Güzel bir gün geçirin millet!
Rings, Bershka & Thrifted
iPhone Case, c/o Iconemesis (click)
Leather Cap, Mom's (Vintage)
Black Coat, Ebay (click)
Dog Tshirt, c/o Sustilo
Granite Skirt, Choies (click)
Gray Boots, Koton
Photos by: Efe GÜLER
Keep on smiling,
Gülümsemeye devam edin,


  1. Gorgeous! You truly have a great style! Have a lovely weekend :-)

    1. I get super happy when reading your comments because your style is beyond awesome, thanks a lot!

  2. You look so amazing! Wow, sounds like a busy time.. good luck on your projects!

    1. Thanks a lot Dear Tanja, and I haven't start to do any work really, I'm going to die at the end. :D

  3. No need to feel insecure - you look gorgeous! Hope you have a lovely week :-)

    Like A Harte // BLOGLOVIN

    1. Thanks a lot for the push! I really appreciate it :) Have a great one Ivana!

  4. Lovely black and white outfit! I like the print on your skirt :)

    Away From Blue

  5. What a cool picture and outfit dear, Btw cool hat :D


  6. oh, I'm really envious about the weather over there! You are very lucky about it:) I also like the outfit of you, you keep surprising me with your original sense of style and fashion:) You look really great don't worry.
    Wish you a great day ahead!

    1. Well, whenever I write about how gorgeous the weather is, it turns out completely to the opposite. :D But yup, Spring is definitely here, hope it will come quickly to Russia as well. Thanks a lot Alexandra, you're so kind xx


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