April 11, 2014

I Turned My Back On Loving You

As a girl, raised in "the Harry Potter era" or grew up with watching lots of animated cartoons on Fox Kids (or Jetix), I have always been so keen to dream about magic and having superpowers. I used to watch these Marvel movies and imagine myself fighting against the villains after the movie was over. As stupid as that sounds, I just loved the idea of magic and the power that the superheroes have, that there was something much more interesting than our regular, boring lives. Many things have changed from my childhood, one being the fact that I don't fight invisible villains anymore (I swear), but my love for watching these sort of shows and movies, if not read about them remained the same. And I've been writing all of these to tell you one simple thing actually; that the show Game of Thrones is so freaking addictive.
Apart from this paragraph on nonsense, I'm so glad to be over my Midterms week and am looking forward for the next weeks where I'll go to my bestfriends' birthdays, be a Vice President at an EYP session and hopefully go to Paris with my besties (besties is such a cheesy word, don't you think?) Enjoy the Spring, folks!

Sunglasses, Koton
Rose Top, Romwe (sold out)
Leather Pants, Sheinside (click)
Heels, Pull&Bear
Photos by: Efe GÜLER

Keep on smiling,


  1. This shirt is very romantic and this pants very roock. Good mix : rockmantic!!!!!!
    Kisses from Italy,

    1. Thanks a lot Eni, haha I love how you create your own words! :))

  2. OMG this outfit is so pretty! I have kind of a similar pair of pants as you have one on! haha. And I totally could relate to you too! Sometimes, I really wish I'd have super powers and be awesome. hahaha. I'm a fan of Game of Thrones too!! Ugh. :DDDD

    Would be really awesome if we could follow each other on Bloglovin' and GFC! :))) I'll follow right back!:D

    1. Oh thanks a lot, you'd rock these pants! Haha, it would be the best if we could have superpowers, I can even make do to have superpowers for a short time! Urgh that show is so freaking good!

  3. Really love the outfit! And those sunglasses! :)

    Could you check out my blog and follow it on bloglovin? I will follow back immediately!
    I have at least one post a day!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise

  4. I like your style! nice view and great outfit

    Greets Jon,
    Jon The Gold's Blog
    ps: new blogpost! check it out ;-)

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment! I really loved your blog!
    How can I follow you cause I don't have g+
    I love this sweater so much!! Amazing outfit
    Have a nice day xx

  6. Literally in love with every aspect of this post and I can't express that enough!!! I hope you get to go to Paris - that would be amazing!!! Have a great time :-)

    Like A Harte // BLOGLOVIN

  7. Perfect styling, I love your look!Have a lovely day <3

  8. I'm watching kind of many series such as Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Revenge, Pretty Little Liars and many more, I haven't started Game Of Thrones yet but I definitely should!! Looking amazing as always!


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