May 22, 2014

Greetings from a summery Istanbul, where I'm almost done with the first year of college and I must say that I sincerely can't believe how fast time flies. I still remember the first time I saw the campus and was astonished by it; then there was this period where I felt like I didn't belong there, not to mention how I felt so left out that I skipped half of the lectures during the first semester. I feel so much better now, both about my courses and about the college thing in general, I feel like I can finally move on from highschool. On that note, I really need to get back to studying since I have 3 projects due next week and later on comes the Finals week *the funeral melody*.
I feel like I have to talk about what's going in my country, but then again, this was supposed to be a fashion blog, right? It never occurred to me that a blog should be about one thing and one thing only, but rather a synthesis of what the writer wants to draw attention to. I'm not sure whether you've heard the news or not but there was this massacre on a coal mine where more than 300 workers died tragically. The government hasn't said much about this incident, as usual. Anyway, I want to leave on a livelier note, since it's shining outside and the mosquitoes are killing me, don't forget to wear sun protection peeps!

Striped Shirt // Koton via Modagram
White Skort // Romwe
Heels // Thrifted
Watch // Swarovski
Rings // Romwe (click)
Until next time,
Keep on smiling,


  1. Glad to see you again, I couldn't open your blog for a long time for unknown technical reasons:) You look wonderful and stylish, as always:)
    I've heard a lot about this horrible incident, here in Russia on the contrary we saw a lot on TV about this tragedy. I'm terribly sorry for all those people who died there, it's really awful. Hope their families will be all right!

    1. Thank you a lot Alexandra, it's always a pleasure to see you in my blog! :)
      I feel the same way, and I'm actually surprised that your media shows it, in here, all they show is what the PM had said about the tragedy and what he did and stuff. :/


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