June 2, 2014

Here I am, dancing to Ms. legendary Britney Spears' once-hit song, I Can't Get No Satisfaction, which if my memory serves me right, is actually a cover from the actual legends, The Rolling Stones. That being said, it should occur to you that I'm doing everything in my power and hands to procrastinate and spend this rainy day with anything but studying. Yes, it's Finals week and in exactly 10 days later, I'll be finished with my first year of college -which sounds scary-, if everything goes as planned.
The other day, I came across with a fake Instagram account filled with my photos that were taken from my blog, and well, it felt like elementary school all over again. I sincerely can't believe how much time some people has, even I don't have that much time... Yes, you can take my photos and use them in other places as long as you credit me back, and don't go around as if they're your photos. I should also add that I'm a bit flattered since this is my first fake account -laugh all you want- but mostly, I feel uncomfortable. Lastly, I just love this outfit in so many ways. My all time favourite looks have always been the tomboyish ones, messy hair, a bit punk and all dark -I can hear the laughter of my friends if they do ever read these-. I simply can't get enough of these sunnies which I first saw on my friend Öykü and fell in love instantly; and well, those boots are my babies as well. I'll leave you with a tiny news: I'm going to get my nose pierced on Thursday and believe me, I'm terrified. Now I'm off to study for my Maths final and wait for the new episode of Game of Thrones!

Sunnies, Stradivarius
Mesh Print Top, Sheinside (click)
Check Print Pants, Romwe (click)
Black Chunky Cut Out Botties, Chicwish (click)
Keep on smiling,


  1. hi pretty, so great pants,

  2. Wow! You look awesome. Great shoes. I really like it. Fallow you.

  3. Love those trousers, the backdrop and that Britney song! I'm the hugest Britney fan. ;)

    Tara x

    1. Thanks a lot Tara, I can totally relate to you! :)

  4. Why scared shitless? you should be happy because you will be no longer a freshman. This parental advisory thing is soo trending. I want my own crop top too :) You combined it great with tartan pants and the boots :)
    followed you on instagram (@rizunaswon) would you mind to follow back?

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

    1. I'm scared on how fast the time flies, this year has been at a super sonic speed! Thanks a lot Rizuna, but unfortunately I don't do follow backs on other social mediums besides Google Plus...

  5. I need to get started with Games of Thrones, seriously! Good luck with your exams dear :) Will definitely let you know as soon as everything's planned for Istanbul in October!

  6. Stunning view - gimme!!!! Your pants are so perfect girl.


  7. I think it's funny to have such fake account:) That's really surprising, but a bit terrifying, though. Anyway, I hope no one would even use photographs of you in base motives. You always look so cool and your personality is quite interesting, no wonder you have such fans, who are ready to copy your style:)


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