May 6, 2018

self therapy vol.1 || existential crisis

I've already told you that I want to pour my heart on my blog sometimes. This time, I'm doing exactly that. Fear not, for I haven't lost my sanity just yet, but I'm rather having yet another existential crisis. To tell you the truth, I quite enjoyed scribbling these words even if it's written with a keyboard. And I feel like I'll continue to express my thoughts when they're still raw. Enjoy reading, if you will x
*this text was written on the 4th of May.

May 1, 2018

Mood Board: May

 Wishing a splendid May to all you beautiful souls out there. By the time this post is up, I'll probably be on a flight to Toronto, where my brother lives. It's been so long since I saw him, and I'm excited as hell. On a more negative note, I've been neglecting my studies and my gym sessions, so hopefully this month will be transformational for both of these matters. Hope you're reconnecting with your loved ones, just as I am. x
March 12, 2018

Touristing: Finland Vol. 1 ☽ Turkish Vlog

After 32 hours of traveling, we've finally made it to our home at Lapland. I still can't comprehend how cold it can be, no matter how many layers of clothes you're wearing. Like the other night, I had 4 layers of my warmest clothes and still cried because of the freezing cold. But, if you have the best company, everything is magical anyways. We're for another day, so stay tuned, and for my Turkish followers, there is a vlog of our first two days available on Youtube.

March 6, 2018

Mood Board: March

 Happy March peeps. As you're reading this, I'll probably be either packing my suitcase or on a flight, to possibly and hopefully the best trip of my entire life. This year has been acting kind to me for the past weeks, and I'm grateful to experience the energy and positivity floating on my veins. Here I'll leave you with my mood board specific for March, and a little bit of what's on my mind. Enjoy, and stay warm for a couple of more days until the sun is out for the better! 
February 4, 2018

I'm Not a Sinner, He Wasn't the One

Earrings: ZARA | Necklaces: BERSHKA | Coat: ZARA | Turtleneck: ZARA | Pants: TRENDYOL | Bag: ZARA | Boots: BERSHKA 

  As you may understand from my first two posts that I'm aiming to step outside of my comfort zone with this platform, not only share my fashion indulgences but also let you in on my many other passions and adventures. With that being said, it would be unfair to myself if I did not post something related to fashion, so here it is! There are a few outfits that I want to wear over and over again without finding the right occasion, especially when it's winter and all gloomy outside and you barely have the willingness to dress somewhat appealing.