July 15, 2018

Mood Board: July

 Summer used to be my favorite season, until the heat and humidity started to have its toll on me. Nonetheless, July is one of my favorite months not only because it includes my birthday but also because it reminds me of relaxation, vacations, the sea, the books, the romances and everything in between. I was pretty busy the past month with my finals and my mom moving out of town, so my apologies for being on the low. With that being said, here is a post of what my July will look like. Don't forget to wear sunscreen folks!

July 9, 2018

Touristing: Toronto, Canada

 During May, my mom and I went to Toronto to visit my brother who is studying there. Although I completely forgot to post this entry these past months, my memories are pretty vivid. I can sum up Toronto with two words: organized chaos. I really liked the city, although it became overwhelming sometimes and enjoyed our time there which was 9 days. If you haven't already, you can watch all about this trip on my Youtube channel, I'll link the videos down below.
June 25, 2018

University: Another Chapter Ends

 For me, every life is nothing but a story. The pages representing each passing day, with the author evolving beyond her imagination and will, with her raw emotions, struggling, the ups and downs. "The carousel never stops turning". Each story contains tens, hundreds, thousands, heck even millions of chapters; some better than the others, some are left to be forgotten with dust spread all over the words, and some pages are memorized forever. This post will contain my College Chapter, the one I'm closing after 5 years.

May 6, 2018

self therapy vol.1 || existential crisis

I've already told you that I want to pour my heart on my blog sometimes. This time, I'm doing exactly that. Fear not, for I haven't lost my sanity just yet, but I'm rather having yet another existential crisis. To tell you the truth, I quite enjoyed scribbling these words even if it's written with a keyboard. And I feel like I'll continue to express my thoughts when they're still raw. Enjoy reading, if you will x
*this text was written on the 4th of May.

May 1, 2018

Mood Board: May

 Wishing a splendid May to all you beautiful souls out there. By the time this post is up, I'll probably be on a flight to Toronto, where my brother lives. It's been so long since I saw him, and I'm excited as hell. On a more negative note, I've been neglecting my studies and my gym sessions, so hopefully this month will be transformational for both of these matters. Hope you're reconnecting with your loved ones, just as I am. x